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Planning and Developing New Online Programs
The University of North Carolina's General Administration (UNC-GA) website provides instructions and documents for planning new online programs and requesting authorization in compliance with the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). 
For more information, visit UNC-GA on the web.
Teaching and Developing Online Courses
 Online Course Development Application [PDF]:Complete this document if you're planning to develop or design a new online course.
 Online Course Development Procedures: outlines the procedures for online instructor certification, online course development and review, and quality assurance for existing courses.
We offer one on one training, and hands-on group workshops in multiple delivery formats. Whether you've been teaching online for years, or you are about to teach your first online course, we tailor our training to meet your specific needs.
To register for an upcoming workshop, visit the Training Calendar on our homepage or contact us by phone at 910.672.1768.
Online Instructor Certification Program
The Online Instructor Certification involves three steps: 1) training,  2) course development,  and (3) Quality Matters course review. 
Online Instructor Certification focuses on using the CANVAS LMS, and  best practices for developing and teaching high quality online courses.

Course Details
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Fully online training 
  • Facilitated 


Hybrid Instructor Certification Program
Hybrid Course Development Application [PDF]:Complete this document if you're planning to develop or design a new online course.
The Hybrid Instructor Certification involves three steps: 1) training, 2) course development, and 3) Quality Matters course review.
Hybrid Instructor Certification focuses on the best practices and tools for developing and teaching courses that include online and face to face elements.
Course Details: 
  • Course Duration: 2 weeks
  • Fully online training 
  • Facilitated 
To become certified, instructors in either online, hybrid or both you must:
  • Complete all assignments, tasks and assessments in the specified modules;
  • Fully develop an online or hybrid course and;
  • Complete the Quality Matters course review process.
For more information, review the guidelines above and then contact us at 910-672-1768.

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Quality Assurance
To ensure quality and integrity in new and existing online courses, we utilize two rubrics based on industry standards for best practices in online teaching and course development.
Quality Matters Rubric [PDF]: used when developing new online courses and used during new online and hybrid course reviews (located on the OFD Canvas site).
Quality Matters Annotations: the annotations explain the rubric standards in detail and the document is located on the OFD Canvas site.
Quality Assurance/Evaluation Rubric  [MS WORD]: used to evaluate the quality of existing online courses
Deans, Department Chairs and individual faculty may contact us at 910-672-1768 to request to have a Quality Assurance Evaluation completed.

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Exam Proctoring
UNC Academic Services Portal (ASP) is a web based, centralized database of approved proctors that facilitates the distribution and collection of exam materials for proctored exams, for online courses. It provides for automated exam distribution, automated reminder messages to students and enables professors to track student's scheduling activities.
For additional information, review the FAQ document below, or
contact:  Mrs. Darlene McAllister
Director of University Testing Services
phone: 910-672-1296.
email: dmcalli1@uncfsu.edu
Faculty FAQ

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